Welcome to my cel gallery dedicated to my favorite girls from several like Kimagure Orange Road, Maison Ikokku and the Seikai series (Crest of the Stars and sequels)

10 years ago i had to take the sad measure of going into my own blackhole for several reasons. I feel like it's time to come black into public sight. I hope i don't have to regret this decision.

I'm always in search for good cels from these series, specially from KOR, so if you have them please make me know (use the feedback feature here in rubberslug).

The descriptions of some of the cels have spoilers so you have been warned.

Again, if you want to contact me use the feedback feature of Rubberslug.

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Title Last Updated
Ayashi no Ceres (2) 5/2/2003
Battle Athletes (1) 5/11/2003
Fushigi Yuugi (2) 5/2/2003
Kimagure Orange Road (223) 5/14/2017
Maison Ikokku (9) 5/25/2008
Majuutsushi Orphen (1) 5/3/2003
Noir (5) 8/21/2003
Seikai no Monshou/Senki (14) 11/4/2011
Shin Seiki Evangelion (1) 9/20/2003

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